CS101: Introduction

I’ve spent a huge part of my life reading and learning every single thing I can about computer science and game development, and finally decided to do something with it. I’m turning this site into a blog for both topics. Programming is my passion and I want to share what I’ve learned with others, so here we go!

After spending years self-teaching, finally sitting in a real computer science class was fantastic. All of these half-grasped concepts started coming together into something concrete, and suddenly everything clicked. My goal with this blog is to introduce and explain these concepts in the same enlightening, interconnected way. I want to help others who taught themselves programming get a solid grasp on computer science and apply these concepts to game development, the field that got me interested in programming back when I was ten.

If you’re new to programming or a veteran, I hope you’ll find something to learn here. I’m going to be writing with the assumption that you have a rudimentary programming background, but want to develop it into something solid. We’ll start with the most basic of basics and work our way up to all of the fascinating aspects of game development. So subscribe below, get your brain ready, and we’ll dive into the simple stuff: variables.

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